Thief steals multiple boats, wreaks havoc on B.C. coast

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A bizarre crime spree across B.C.’s South Coast region last week ended in a bloody crash on the shores of Bowen Island Sunday.

Between June 29 and July 3, a 25-year-old Vancouver Island man allegedly committed multiple thefts and property crimes on Vancouver Island, Saltspring Island, the Sunshine Coast, and Bowen Island, taking police on a wild chase across the waters.

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The Grand Theft Auto-esque crime spree began around 8:30 p.m. on June 29 when the suspect, Robert Nicholas Eriksen, reportedly stole a 16-foot fibreglass boat in Cobble Hill on Vancouver Island. He was later seen in a boat near Cowichan Bay, but police say he fled in a second boat after being spotted by police. They are not sure whether that boat was stolen as well.

Then, on July 2, the suspect docked a 27-foot Boston Whaler boat, stolen from Saltspring Island, in Sechelt. He then abandoned the boat and stole a car nearby. Police later found the boat was full of more stolen property.

The next day, police believe the male left the car in Gibsons and stole another 22-foot Boston Whaler from a Gibsons marina and drove it to Keats Island. He abandoned the boat there and stole another boat, a 19-foot Campion Explorer.

He drove the boat to Bowen Island where he crashed it into a rocky shore, causing significant damage to the boat, including a broken windshield and cracked hull.

The injured suspect then broke into a nearby home where he was later arrested by Bowen Island RCMP after the crashed boat was spotted by a concerned citizen.

“There was blood in the vessel and broken glass,” West Vancouver Royal Canadian Marine Search and Rescue Station 1’s Major Justin Olsen told Global News.

Police found a small amount of methamphetamine on the man during the arrest.

“This is certainly the strangest, most unprecedented crime spree of this nature, particularly pertaining to stolen boats and the marine element, that we’ve seen here on the Sunshine Coast and we’ve heard of in the coastal communities here,” said Cst. Harrison Mohr with Sunshine Coast RCMP

“This was an unbelievable string of events that would more likely be seen in a James Bond film than around the coastal communities of British Columbia. Unfortunately the impact of this man’s actions are real. Numerous property owners are now dealing with recovering their stolen property and adding up the extensive damage done.”

After being taken to hospital for his injuries, he was taken to jail in North Vancouver where he remains in custody. He was charged Friday morning with three counts of theft over $5,000, break and enter, theft, and possession of stolen property over $5,000.

Sunshine Coast RCMP are now handling the investigation are ask anyone with information to contact them at (604) 885-2266.

Dallas police shooting: Why it’s tough to spot a shooter in many U.S. states

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After a sniper opened fire on police in Dallas Thursday night — killing five and wounding seven officers — police scrambled to find the attacker.

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  • Dallas police shooting: How an innocent protester became a hunted suspect

  • Suspect in Dallas police shooting that killed 5 cops ‘wanted to kill white people’

  • Dallas shooting: What we know about the 5 police officers killed

    The Dallas police tweeted out a photo of a suspect: a black man carrying a rifle. Problem is, it wasn’t the shooter. It was someone innocent who was openly carrying a gun, as you are allowed to do in Texas (provided you’re not doing it in “a manner calculated to alarm”). Mark Hughes was one of hundreds of people who had gathered to protest deadly shootings by police this week.

    Hughes has received thousands of death threats over social media as a result of the Dallas Police’s hasty tweet, according to his lawyer. His brother said that Hughes immediately turned himself in and handed over his gun over fear that he would be shot. After interrogation, he was released without charge.

    READ MORE: How an innocent protester became a hunted suspect

    It’s a scary scenario, but one that maybe isn’t surprising considering the gun laws in many U.S. states.

    People are allowed to openly display firearms and carry them in public or down the street in many parts of the United States. In many states, you don’t even need a permit to do so, particularly for long guns. This could make the job of law enforcement tricky. How do you separate the shooter from innocent gun owners?

    Click here to view data »

    The open carry of long guns (rifles and shotguns) is allowed without restrictions in 38 of 50 states, according to the Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence. In six states, openly carrying long guns is generally allowed, but might be banned in certain cities. Or there might be other restrictions including a rule requiring guns to be unloaded.

    Six states prohibit the open carry of long guns, as does the District of Columbia.

    Click here to view data »

    Rules around handguns tend to be more restrictive. Five states and the District of Columbia completely ban the open carrying of handguns, according to the Law Center.

    Fifteen states require gun owners to obtain a permit or license first. Eight states allow it, but have restrictions like that the gun be unloaded or don’t allow it in certain cities or on other people’s private property. In Texas, for example, a gun owner must have a handgun license and must have their handgun in a shoulder or belt holster in order to carry it in public.

    Twenty-two states allow the open carry of handguns.

    In Dallas, Texas, where Mark Hughes was legally carrying his gun at the protest, his brother Cory worried for his safety when shots rang out. “Just 48 hours ago, a young man who had a permit to carry a gun was killed by a cop,” he said. “And so when shots started firing, I went to the cops. I approached them. And I told my brother, I said, ‘Give your gun to this cop because we don’t want an accident. We don’t want them to come around the corner and see you with a gun and start shooting at you.’”

    “He was allowing himself to carry a firearm, but that’s his constitutional right,” he told reporters.

    “What bothers me is that my brother could easily have been killed because somebody irresponsible identified him as a suspect.”

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    Amateur videos capture chaos during Dallas shooting


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DIGGING DEEPER: All you might ever need to know about Sask.’s moose population!

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There have been a number of moose sightings in southern Saskatchewan this week which has sparked a buzz online.

On Thursday a moose had to be tranquilized in downtown Regina and relocated and one was spotted taking a swim in Wascana Lake on Monday.

Teri Fikowski caught up with Rob Tether, a wildlife biologist with the Ministry of Environment to discuss recent moose behaviour.

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  • Moose seen swimming in Regina’s Wascana Lake

    Q: There’s been a number of moose sighting in southern Saskatchewan this week, in Regina and rural parts of the province. Is this uncommon or typical for this time of year?

    A: What’s likely happening right now is that young moose, yearlings, are dispersing from their mother’s home range, their own home range, and what happens typically from mid June and July is they’ll show up in cities and towns as they are dispersing. It seems to be a regular phenomenon happening this time of year, each year.

    Q: Have we seen any change in moose population in southern Saskatchewan in recent years?

    A: Well, over the last 30 years have seen a gradual increase in the moose population in southern Saskatchewan and the farmland area and around 2010/2012 is when they peaked and now they stabilized. (That’s) mostly due to opportunities during hunting seasons that were initiated in 2010, so the numbers are still relatively high and people will continue to see them.

    Q: Is there any challenges with more moose? I’m imaging troubles for farmers?

    A: There’s always a challenge when a large animal like a moose is down in agricultural Saskatchewan. Typically it (means) more fences for ranchers and there’s of course always the public safety concern with moose crossing highways with vehicles travelling at high speeds.

    Q: There was a moose spotted in Wascana Lake on Monday, and whether it was the same one or not, one had to be tranquilized and relocated on Thursday. Are these just rare incidents in the city or something we may be seeing more of?

    A: I think each of the cities, Regina and Saskatoon, probably have two to four moose that show up each year and it’s typically this time of year. We’re trying to manage that by reducing the moose numbers close to the city but now the things we don’t know is how far are these young moose dispersing. They could be moving 50 kilometers and we don’t know where they are coming from

    Q: There’s a video circulating online of a moose and three calves near Moosomin, which I’m told is quite uncommon?

    Three calves with one cow anywhere in Saskatchewan is pretty awesome to see

    A: Yes that actually is quite unusual! Twins in the farmland are becoming more of a regular site but three calves with one cow anywhere in Saskatchewan is pretty awesome to see for the folks that did see that. You don’t see that very often.

Astronomers find first evidence of water clouds outside our solar system

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Astronomers from the University of California Santa Cruz have detected clouds on a brown dwarf just 7.2 light-years from Earth.

Brown dwarfs are sometimes referred to as “failed stars.” They are large celestial bodies that formed out of gas and dust, with a mass between 15 and 75 times that of Jupiter. But unlike stars, their core could not fuse hydrogen into helium, which is what characterizes a star.

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  • Juno’s mission to Jupiter: 7 weird and wonderful facts about this giant planet

  • Juno mission to Jupiter: What scientists hope to learn about solar system’s giant planet

  • New exoplanet has rare triple star system

    READ MORE: Lonely planet: Astronomers discover world orbiting star in largest-known solar system

    Using the Gemini North Telescope in Hawaii, a research team studied the composition of the brown dwarf known as WISE 0855, the coldest-known object outside of our solar system. It’s so cold that even using infrared — which detects heat from objects — it is barely visible. After studying the brown dwarf, they found strong evidence to suggest that WISE 0855 has clouds of water or water ice. This is the first such discovery.

    “We would expect an object that cold to have water clouds, and this is the best evidence that it does,” said Andrew Skemer, assistant professor of astronomy and astrophysics at UC Santa Cruz.

    If Jupiter — the largest planet in our solar system — had 80 times more mass, it could ignite into a star. WISE 0855 has about five times the mass of our largest planet and, though colder, has a similar temperature to that of Jupiter. This makes it an interesting subject for astronomers to study.

    READ MORE: ‘The biggest and baddest planet in the solar system’—Jupiter by the numbers

    “Our [observation] shows that WISE 0855 is dominated by water vapour and clouds, with an overall appearance that is strikingly similar to Jupiter,” Skemer said.

    The scientists came to the conclusion after developing atmospheric models of the brown dwarf, which predicted the water vapour.

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What should you do if you come face to face with a coyote?

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KIRKLAND – A woman, who requested to remain anonymous, was walking her dog at Ecclestone Park when she spotted what she believes was a coyote.

This comes one month after the Town of Kirkland issued a warning to its residents about a stray coyote.

READ MORE: Coyote on the loose in Kirkland

The woman said she came across the wild animal on Thursday evening.

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  • EXCLUSIVE: Coyote on the loose in Kirkland

  • Kelowna coyote goes to new heights to satisfy cherry craving

  • ‘Growling’ coyote reportedly approached students at high school in Oakville

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    “That sector of Kirkland is a good habitat for coyotes,” said Jacques Nadeau, media relations officer for Quebec ministry of forests, wildlife and parks.

    The woman said the coyote attempted to take her dog; her husband tried to scare it away, but it did not react.

    READ MORE: Kelowna coyote goes to new heights to satisfy cherry craving

    According to Nadeau, a permit to safely capture wild animals with cushioned traps was delivered to the town on Friday.

    Authorities will bring the animals to a different location, where they will be released back into the wild, Nadeau said.

    WATCH BELOW: Coyote on the loose in Kirkland

    So, what should you do if you encounter a coyote?

    According to the Montreal SPCA, here’s what you should do to avoid encountering a coyote:

    Keep all pet food inside.Put garbage in secure containers with sealed lids.Keep garbage inside until the garbage collection day.Use securely enclosed compost bins.Protect your garden with a fence or grow vegetables in a greenhouse.Fence your property to make it less accessible.Fill the empty spaces under porches, decks and sheds.Keep your cat indoors at night.Teach children to respect wildlife and keep their distance.

    If you do see a coyote:

    Do not approach or try to touch it.Do not feed them or attempt to tame it.Do not flee or run or turn your back on it. Back away while remaining calm.Get as high as possible, shake hands and make lots of noise.Use a whistle or personal alarm to scare a coyote who approaches you or threatening you.Do not let your dog chase a coyote. He could get hurt in a fight with the animal.

    “It’s important to realize that lethal interference with coyotes does not resolve the situation,” the Montreal SPCA noted on its website.

    “Killing them only disrupts the natural social order of the coyotes in the area and can actually create additional problems for people.”

    The organization pointed out that, if the above tips are followed, humans and coyotes are able to live together.

    “The Montreal SPCA believes that, by taking precautionary measures and being intelligent about our interactions with coyotes, we can learn to coexist peacefully,” it stated.