Saskatoon weather outlook – July 8

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Pack an umbrella and brace for a thunderstorm risk this weekend before heavier rain sets in!

 Saskatchewan’s 5th Tornado of 2016

Environment Canada has confirmed Saskatchewan’s fifth tornado of the year touched down near Estevan on Thursday.

READ MORE: Saskatchewan’s 5th tornado of 2016 confirmed along with numerous funnel clouds on Thursday

The tornado touched down approximately eight kilometres east-southeast of the city of Estevan at 11:30 a.m. for about five minutes.

The province’s 5th tornado of 2016 touches down a short distance from a Saskatchewan city.

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There are no reports of damage from the twister, but numerous videos surfaced on social media of the dust cloud it kicked up.

Saskatoon Forecast


After an active week of weather with weather advisories for funnel clouds for the past three days, the work week is finishing on a bit of a calmer note.

A disturbance brought in some rain through the Saskatoon area late this morning, but despite the precipitation we managed to warm into the low 20s by noon – up from our 12 degree overnight low.

There is a fairly good chance of showers and thunderstorms late in the day as temperatures rise into the mid-20s.


There is a fairly good chance of thunderstorms not only through the evening, but also overnight as the mercury falls back to around 14 degrees.


Once clouds clear from the overnight disturbance and storms early tomorrow morning it looks like we’ll probably see some sunny breaks early in the day before clouds build back in during the afternoon with a chance of showers and thunderstorms late in the afternoon through the evening.

It’ll also be a nice, warm start to the weekend with an expected daytime high around 27 degrees, but it will be humid, so it will feel four to five degrees warmer like the low 30s in the afternoon.

There is the potential in the southeastern portion of the province for severe weather with supercellular thunderstorms developing and the potential for tornadoes.

Stay with Global News for any developments on that front and download the SkyTracker Weather App to stay up-to-date with the very latest and any watches and warnings that may be issued through the weekend.


Clouds look like they’ll build in a bit earlier in the day on Sunday with a chance of late day showers or thunderstorms as the upper ridge that brought in the heat starts to break down.

As such temperatures are expected to be a few degrees cooler on Sunday, but still hitting a high in the mid-20s with a humidex making it feel a few degrees warmer.

Work Week Outlook

Heavier rain looks like it’ll move in midday on Monday as an upper level low pressure system, a precipitation packed system, slides through.

Some models are pushing rainfall totals as high as 40 to 50 millimetres from Monday through Tuesday and while there is still a bit of discrepancy in the track, 20 to 40 millimetres of rain is not unlikely over the period.

Daytime highs will also be pushed back into the high teens for the majority of the beginning of the week due to the rain before bumping back into the low 20s as the rain tapers off and sunshine returns midweek.

This Your Saskatchewan photo of a monarch butterfly on some milkweed was taken in Vanscoy by Margaret Flack:

July 8: This Your Saskatchewan photo of a monarch butterfly on some milkweed was taken in Vanscoy by Margaret Flack.

Margaret Flack / Viewer Submitted

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Dallas shooting: What we know and don’t know about the ‘ambush’ on police officers

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A lone gunman – identified as Micah Xavier Johnson – killed five police officers and wounded seven others in Dallas Thursday night during an otherwise peaceful demonstration against the police shootings of two African American men, Philando Castile and Alton Sterling, earlier in the week.

VIDEO GALLERY: Ongoing coverage of the tragedy in Dallas

Flags lowered to half-mast to pay tribute to officers shot in Dallas


Flags lowered to half-mast to pay tribute to officers shot in Dallas


Toronto police offer condolences after Dallas shootings


Dallas mayor talks faith, hope and love following recent deadly shootings


Micah Xavier Johnson identified as alleged Dallas shooter


Aerial footage shows Dallas shooting scene with police cars still present


Dallas sniper ‘wanted to kill white people’: Police chief


‘I need to get outta here’: Dallas shooting witnesses describe chaos


Dallas police salute fallen officers


Dallas mayor says he will stand behind his chief when it comes to security at future protests


Dallas police chief begs the public for support following deadly shootings


Dallas police chief praises the bravery of his officers following deadly shooting


Police chief reads alleged comments from final suspect in Dallas police shooting


Police used a bomb disposal robot to deliver explosive which killed final suspect in Dallas shooting


Dallas police chief: We’re hurting, our profession is hurting

Dallas Police Chief David O. Brown described the violence as an “ambush-style” attack on the officers which also injured two civilians.

“We still don’t know all the facts. What we know is there has been a vicious, calculated and despicable attack against law enforcement,” President Obama told reporters in Poland. “Police were on duty doing their jobs, keeping people safe during peaceful protests.”

As details from the tragedy continue emerge here’s what we know, and still don’t know about the shootings in Dallas.

How the shootings began

WATCH ABOVE: Dramatic recording of Dallas 911 dispatch captures chaos as shooting unfolded

Gunfire erupted around 8:45 p.m. Dallas time during a peaceful protest over the high-profile deaths of Alton Sterling in Louisiana and Philando Castile in Minnesota, who were shot and killed by police earlier this week.

The chaos unfolded near El Centro College in the city’s downtown area and just a few blocks from where President John F. Kennedy was assassinated in 1963.

A video widely shared on social media showed a person with an assault-style rifle shoot a police officer in the back at point-blank range.

READ MORE: How a Dallas protester became a hunted suspect 

Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings says officials believe the attacker was a lone shooter. Three others were arrested but how they’re connected to the shooting – if at all – has not been revealed.

Rawlings said there were about 20 individuals who were dressed in gear and had rifles slung over their shoulders. Police chased and detained these people before realizing all the shooting came from one building at different levels.

Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings says shooting suspect Micah Xavier Johnson was lone shooter


Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings says shooting suspect Micah Xavier Johnson was lone shooter


Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings explains police confusion during protest shooting

“It is a heartbreaking moment for the city of Dallas,” Rawlings said. “I ask everybody to focus on one thing right now, and that is Dallas police officers, their families, those that are deceased, those that are in the hospital fighting for their lives.”

Who is the suspect Micah Xavier Johnson?

This photo taken from Facebook is believed to be 25-year-old Micah Johnson, according to reports.


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Law enforcement officials have identified 25-year-old Micah Xavier Johnson as the one who carried out the shootings.

He had no criminal record or ties to terror groups and was a member of the U.S. Army Reserve who had served a tour in Afghanistan, according to the Associated Press.

When authorities searched the home of Johnson on Friday they found bomb-making materials, ballistic vests, rifles, ammunition, and a personal journal of combat tactics. Among his Facebook “likes” were the African American Defence League and the New Black Panther Party, which was founded in Dallas. He also was a member of the Facebook group “Black Panther Party Mississippi.” A photo on Facebook showed Johnson wearing a dashiki – his raised, clinched fist over the words “Black Power.”

READ MORE: Suspect in Dallas police shooting that killed 5 cops ‘wanted to kill white people’

Johnson died after a firefight with police late Thursday night in a parking garage. Police Chief David Brown said Friday he was killed by an explosive delivered by a robot.

Brown said the Johnson told police negotiators that “he was upset about Black Lives Matter.”

“He said he was upset about the recent police shootings,” Brown told reporters. “The suspect said he was upset at white people. The suspect stated he wanted to kill white people, especially white officers.”

Who were the 5 officers killed?

The official 桑拿会所 account of the Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART) confirmed one of the officers killed was a transit officer saying, “Four DART police officers were shot in downtown Dallas. 1 deceased, others not life-threatening.”

The deceased DART officer has been identified as 43-year-old Brent Thompson. He joined the force in 2009.

DART Chief James Spiller told TODAY on Friday that Thompson was a great officer who served as a patrol officer.

“Brent was recently married in the last two weeks, so this is very heartbreaking for us, not only for that reason, but because we lost a member in blue,” Spiller said.

Michael Krol has also been identified as one of the fallen officers.

A native of Michigan, Krol moved to Dallas in 2007 to join the city’s police department.

“He always wanted to be a cop,” Brian Schoenbaechler, Krol’s brother-in-law, told The Detroit News. “He always wanted to help and serve other people.”

Senior Cpl. Lorne Ahrens, 48, was identified by friends and family on social media as one of the Dallas police victims.

Ahrens served with the Dallas Police Department for 14 years, according to the Dallas Morning News.

Patrick Zamarripa was identified by family members as one of the five officers killed. The 32-year-old father had previously survived three tours in Iraq for the U.S. Navy and had a 2-year-old daughter.

WFAA also identified Michael Smith, 55, as one of the victims.

READ MORE: What we know about the 5 police officers killed

What we don’t know

WATCH ABOVE: Man wrongfully identified as suspect in Dallas shooting speaks out

During a press conference Friday, Police chief Brown said investigators believed that Johnson “did the shooting.”

Officers Feloniously Killed in the Line of Duty Over Time | FindTheHome

However, It’s still unknown how the attack was planned and whether the three other men who were apprehended were involved in the shooting.

“If there’s someone out there associated with this, we will find you,” Brown said

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Elderly woman with Alzheimer’s disease missing in Burlington, Ont. for 3 days: police

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Police in Burlington, Ont. are continuing to search for an elderly woman with Alzheimer’s disease who has been missing for more than three days.

Helen Robertson, 79, went missing from her home on Millcroft Park Drive at around 12:45 p.m. Tuesday.

Residents have been told to expect a heavy police presence in that area Friday evening and are asked to check their properties, outdoor buildings and sheds.

Police believe she was wearing a red, long-sleeved collared shirt and non-matching running shoes; a white-and-blue Nike high top and a white-and-silver Reebok.

Investigators said she is known to walk long distances and they are concerned with the amount of time she has been missing in hot, humid weather.

An extensive ground search and aerial search were conducted with the help of the Durham Regional Police Service helicopter, but Robertson has still not been found.

READ MORE: Police searching for missing woman with Alzheimer’s disease in Toronto

Robertson is described by police as white, standing 5’2″, 110 pounds, with white collar-length hair, a slim build and glasses.

Members of the public are asked to continue to keep an eye out for Robertson and immediately report any sightings to the police at 905-825-4747, extension 2305.

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WATCH: Baby giant panda in Belgian zoo turns one month old

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It was called a “true miracle” when giant panda Hao Hao gave birth to a male cub last month at the Pairi Daiza Zoo in Belgium. Now, the unnamed baby panda has reached its first milestone at one month old.

A video released by the zoo shows how much Baby P (as it is affectionately being called) has grown, showing signs of the characteristic black and white giant panda fur.

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Mom Hao Hao could be seen licking and nuzzling her cub in their private enclosure, a space which the zoo is live streaming onto screens to the public.

READ MORE: ‘Extremely mobile’ Toronto panda cubs reach 4-month milestone

Baby P now weighs 1.1 kilograms.

“They all looked astonished when they realized I weighed more than 1,100 grams,” the panda “wrote” on Facebook.

Giant pandas have a low reproductive rate in the wild and successfully breeding the species in captivity is notoriously difficult.

Last year, a baby giant panda died at the National Zoo in Washington, D.C., at just five days old.

The Toronto Zoo is currently home to twin baby giant pandas that were born in October last year. Jia Panpan and Jia Yueyue will move to the Calgary Zoo in 2018.

When Baby P was born, Pairi Daiza’s zoological director told the BBC that the newborn period was still risky for giant pandas, thus making this one-month anniversary a milestone.

According to National Geographic, there are only around 1,600 of the endangered species left in the wild.

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Moncton residents reflect on slain Mounties following Dallas shooting

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For people in Moncton, the killing of five police officers in Dallas, Texas Thursday night is a stark reminder of the tragic events that unfolded in their community in June of 2014.

Retired RCMP officer Eric Suley visited the memorial on Friday for the three RCMP officers shot and killed when a shooter went on a rampage through the city after hearing the news of Thursday’s devastating deadly shooting in the U.S.

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“You never retire as a police officer if you’ve done it for a career, it’s something you always live with —; as veterans, our hearts are broken when police officers fall, it’s as simple as that,” Suley said.

READ MORE: Dallas shooting: What we know and don’t know about the ‘ambush’ on police officers

People in the city, as well as across the country, expressed sorrow and grief for the five officers who lost their lives when a shooter opened fire in an ambush-style attack during a peaceful protest in the city’s downtown.

“We’re talking about people that are sons, fathers, uncles —; these people have families. I think police officers put themselves in risks that we don’t, and we need to honour that,” said Moncton resident Olivier Weil.

Pastor David Milette, who comforted his parishioners in the aftermath of the Moncton shootings, says incidents like these show people are in need of guidance.

“To reach out and try to make things better by harming somebody else does not bring back the slain, does not bring back or make up for what happened in a different place,” Milette said.

READ MORE: Monument celebrating lives of fallen RCMP officers unveiled in Moncton

“People should remember that we’re all in this together, and the fact that injustice is perpetrated against one group or another group doesn’t make it any less everyone’s injustice.”