Petition created to save Kinsmen Park Playground from deconstruction

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The Kinsmen Play Village was once a busy place for families, but now it’s gated off and set for deconstruction next week.

“We live in the neighborhood. I have a four-and-a-half-year-old son and a two-year-old daughter and we’ve been using the park on almost a daily basis for four years,” said local resident Kurt Soucy.

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    Not anymore, but Soucy isn’t alone.

    Robin Hansen also enjoys the playground with her two-year-old and isn’t going to let it go without a fight.

    “There really is no good reason so I thought I’d create an online petition and see if I’m the only one or not,” Hansen explained.

    The University of Saskatchewan associate law professor’s petition to re-open the Kinsmen Play Village has gained almost 500 signatures in four days.

    As a part of a master plan created by the City of Saskatoon over five years ago, it was decided 90 per cent of the Kinsmen playground would be moved to Ashworth Holmes Park in Caswell Hill as part of an accessible destination playground. In its place, a new larger play structure, now known as the PotashCorp Playland, would be built close to the rides.

    After deconstruction the area will be seeded and landscaped so it can be a usable park space. The open area will allow for the expansion of cross-country ski loops in the winter.

    “In the end of the master plan we had some folks suggest we keep the play village, but a broader majority wanted a new large-scale play structure closer to where the rides are,” said Lynne Lacroix, recreation and community development director with the city.

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    Lacroix explained the master plan was developed with consultation from the public. Ten workshops with stakeholders, children and the general public made up the key input.

    But according to Hansen’s research, only 280 people gave their feedback and now almost 500 people have signed the petition against the choice. For her it’s a clear choice to keep Kinsmen Play Village.

    Both Hansen and Soucy argue the old area is perfect for parents with children under five. Both of their families won’t be able to use PotashCorp Playland until their children are older, rendering the space unusable until then.

    “The new playground is nice, but it doesn’t render the old playground obsolete,” said Hansen, “Rather than closing this playground, it should be re-opened and the money that was allocated towards its demolition be transferred instead to purchase a new play structure for Caswell Hill.”

    Hansen will be presenting her case to the planning, development and community service committee of city council on July 18.

    But according to the city – not much can be done at this point.

    “We already have signed contracts with construction contractors in two locations,” Lacroix said. “We are in full process and they’re expected to begin work early next week.”

Senator Mike Duffy on deadline to pay back $17,000 or seek arbitration

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The Senate is giving Mike Duffy until July 23 to decide if he will pay back nearly $17,000 or seek arbitration.

Even though Duffy has been cleared of all criminal charges related to his expenses, the Senate still considers $16,995 worth as inappropriate spending. The clerk of the Standing Committee on Internal Economy sent the senator a letter on June 8, outlining why they think he owes the Senate money.

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    “New information surfaced in the public domain including the judgement as well as additional supporting documentation, which warranted an assessment of the eligibility of some expenses,” Nicole Proulx’s June 8 letter reads.

    Those expenses include $10,000 for the services of personal trainer Mike Croskery, $300 for a makeup artist, a $500 payment to one of Duffy’s office volunteers, Ashley Cain, in 2010 and $8 for personal photos.

    His lawyer, Donald Bayne, told Global News in late June that the Senator’s nearly two-year suspension from the upper chamber lacked due process and resulted in the former journalist’s net loss of $155,876. According to Bayne, asking to repay $8 for personal photos “smacks of petty vindictiveness.”

    If Duffy doesn’t act, the Senate will deduct funds from his pay cheque.

    With files from Mike Le Couteur and the Canadian Press

Federal health minister discusses opioid crisis on Blood Tribe

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Chief and council from the Blood Tribe First Nation, along with community members, physicians and police met with federal health minister Jane Philpott Friday morning to address the ongoing opioid crisis in Canada.

The reserve, located 43 kilometres southwest of Lethbridge, has been making strides to combat the dangerous drug in southern Alberta.

“This problem isn’t a Blood Tribe problem,” said Chief Charles Weaslehead. “It’s a national problem.”

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The opioid fentanyl has been responsible for hundreds of deaths in Alberta since the start of 2015.

After losing 18 residents last year, the Blood Tribe proclaimed a state of emergency in March 2015. Since then, officials have been working tirelessly to combat addiction in the community.

“The Blood Tribe was the first, and perhaps one of the leaders in acknowledging that there was a problem,” Weaslehead said.

The efforts of the Blood Tribe have not gone unnoticed. Philpott travelled to Standoff to speak with community leaders about the exceptional steps that police, tribe officials and health care workers have taken to battle drug addiction.

“To see the determination among these folks, the leaders here, they’re highly professional, and really well prepared,” Philpott said. “They are absolutely determined to respond to this in an effective way.”

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Titus Aragon, 22, is living proof of the life-saving measures the community has undertaken. He was addicted to fentanyl for two years, and tried to quit nearly a dozen times before he sought help from a medical doctor.

“There were so many people waiting for treatment, and I had to wait two months,” Aragon said. “I was ambitious to get off of it, instead of waiting those two months, I went to the doctor and I waited there until she eventually did take me in.”

Aragon said seeking treatment was the best decision he ever made.

It is stories like Aragon’s that show the challenges that communities are facing. The Blood Tribe is doing the best it can with limited resources.

“We’re willing to tackle this,” Weaslehead said. “We’re in it for the long haul, but we need some support.”

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The community is confident this session will provide the health minister with tangible facts and information she can use to develop a comprehensive plan that will ultimately save lives.

“There’s much more to be done, but I think they’re in a very good position and will in fact be leaders for the country,” Philpott said.

Friday’s meeting is just the first of many conversations that the federal government plans to have with communities across the country with hopes of ending the fatal cycle of drug abuse.

8th edition of Montreal Comiccon kicks off this weekend

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MONTREAL – Comiccon has become an annual tradition in Montreal and it’s back for its eighth edition at the Palais des Congrès, where thousands of fiction lovers are expected to congregate this weekend.

Comiccon has become a huge attraction, not just for science fiction lovers but for celebrities as well, said spokesperson Jason Rockman.

He said the event will be more inclusive than years past.

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We have a really good representation of all aspects of pop culture. We got Darryl McDaniels from Run DMC, who is a rap legend and who is also a comic publisher,” said Rockman.

“If you’re a fan of Orange is the New Black, we’ve Kate Mulgrew who plays Red on the show. We have Ryan Hurst from Sons of Anarchy.”

Montreal organizers also invited David Lloyd, the illustrator of V for Vendetta. Lloyd is the author who turned the mask of Guy Fawkes into an international symbol of civil disobedience.

“It’s amazing to me that something sort of sprung off the pages into real life,” he said.

“It could be used in any demonstration anywhere by people who actually feel aggrieved about something, and it helps them put a collective face to what they’re resisting.”

This year, Comiccon will be paying a special tribute to the Star Trek 50th anniversary.

WATCH BELOW: William Shatner signs Montreal Golden Book

Paul Forest, has been touring with Comiccon as Spock Vegas from Star Trek, has been raising funds for epilepsy research.

“The 50th anniversary is celebrated everywhere. This is my number 58 in a year and a half,” said Forest. “For me, it’s to give back. It’s for the fans.”

Fans at Comiccon will have the chance to take selfies, dress up as their favourite superhero and, most importantly, let their inner geek loose for a weekend.

“The idea is to be in a environment where people can express themselves. They dress up. They put time and money, and I think they feel at ease to be themselves.”

Comiccon is expected to attract 60,000 people this weekend.

Streets of Steinbach expected to fill with hundreds of pride parade supporters Saturday

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STEINBACH, MAN. —; From a march on the sidewalk to a full fledged parade through downtown, Steinbach is expected to welcome at least 1,000 supporters to its first ever pride parade.

A gay pride parade that was initially declined a permit for street access because RCMP told organizers it was due to safety concerns and construction on the route. June 29 it was approved after being pushed to re-assess. A new route but the same day, Saturday July 9 at 10:40am.

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Organizers said Saturday’s event will be a historical moment and looks like it’s attracting attention internationally.

“We know that there’s people coming from Vancouver. Some were planning family visits anyway and will be here. There’s people coming from Ontario. We know there’ll be people from Alberta. We know there’s people coming from Florida. I just heard there’s going to be someone from France coming.”

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau may not be able to attend but he has sent his support for Steinbach Pride and will have a personal message sent on his behalf.
Pop music sister duo Tegan and Sara have sent their support via twitter, and many others are speaking out about how they feel the parade should have been approved all along.

Winnipeg’s Club 200 and the University of Winnipeg’s Students Association have rented buses to take supporters there as well.

But, as organizers and supporters get ready to join an expected one-thousand participants on the streets of Steinbach, the city still remains divided.

Many residents said they will not participate, nor will they condemn them or judge them, but will rather pray for the people taking part in the pride parade. Others said they’re happy the parade is happening and they will even try and attend to show their support.

The city may be divided, but they are united in their hopes that all will remain peaceful at Saturday’s parade.

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