Kelowna’s Mayor Sugarplum ready for big reveal

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Kelowna Mayor Colin Basran will be dressing in drag in a fundraiser for the Okanagan Pride Society.

Basran is unveiling his alter-ego, Mayor Sugarplum, at the Sugarplum ball this Saturday.

So, why dress in drag? Well, Basran’s actually poking fun at some criticism he’s received.

Last summer, Kelowna city council approved funding for rainbow crosswalks to be painted in the Lawrence Avenue and Pandosy Street area.

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“I want a city that’s open, accepting and inclusive of all people and really a place that allows people to be who they are born to be,” said Basran.

While most people supported the move, some were critical of the decision.

While most people supported the move, some were critical.

One of those critics went online, calling Basran the ‘Sugarplum mayor.’

“They were thinking they were insulting me, but I actually found it kinda funny,” said Basran.

So Basran, with help of members of the Okanagan Pride Society and Okanagan Young Professionals, brainstormed on how the turn the insult into something positive. That’s when the Sugarplum Ball was born.

Basran won’t be wearing heels and fishnets, but won’t fully divulge what his outfit will look like either.

“Think David Bowie, Ziggy Stardust,” he said.

And while he’s garnered attention from all across Canada, Basran said he isn’t doing to for the spotlight.

“There will always be people who think I’m doing it for attention. I ran for office to make our city better. I believe acceptance and inclusion makes our city better,” said Basran.

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