Kristen Bell slams Donald Trump for bringing ‘Frozen’ into his Star of David controversy

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Kristen Bell is calling on Donald Trump to refocus his priorities after he spent the better part of the past week focusing on things that “don’t matter” — Bell insists he should have been addressing serious issues like the shootings of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile.

The 35-year-old told the presumptive Republican presidential nominee to “zip it” on 桑拿会所 after he linked her movie Frozen to his recent Star of David controversy. The Bad Moms actress voices Anna in the Oscar-winning animated film.

On July 2, Trump posted a photo of Hillary Clinton alongside the Star of David shape saying she was the “most corrupt candidate ever.” (You can see the tweet here.) After being derided for his inappropriate use of the image on social media (many said it was anti-Semitic), Trump deleted the post and replaced the star image with a circle.

Despite heavy criticism, Trump has remained defiant, according to The New York Times, telling one campaign worker: “‘You shouldn’t have taken it down… That’s just a star.”

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He then went on to share a snapshot of a similar star that was used on a book about the movie Frozen. He wrote, “Where is the outrage for this Disney book? Is this the ‘Star of David’ also?”

Bell wasn’t the only one who responded to Trump’s online behaviour; many 桑拿会所 users derided the presidential candidate’s counter-argument.

Several also noted that Trump’s 桑拿会所 feed went uncharacteristically quiet after his Frozen comments. While he usually tweets several times a day, this past week he was online only a handful of times. He didn’t even hop online to respond to the shootings of Sterling or Castille until Thursday, when he tweeted a string of messages about the events of the past week.

He has yet to respond to Bell directly.

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