Lethbridge bartender mixes up new twists on classic cocktails

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Hogan Short believes a bartender is to a cocktail what an artist is to a painting.

“A perfect drink would be something that would bring you back to that place and you’ll always remember it,” Short said. “It has to be sweet enough to drink, not sour. It has to be balanced, it has to contain all the elements and have a cool garnish.

“You know, an Instagram-worthy cocktail.”

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    The owner of Plum, a Lethbridge restaurant, is putting all her trust into the bartender to make the perfect cocktails for her customers.

    “The history of cocktails, and alcohol in general is centuries and centuries old. It brings people together and it has for years,” Short said. “I think it’s just as important as cultivating good food with a Red Seal chef in your kitchen. I think cocktails, wine, beer – those things deserve the same respect.”

    Short started in a bar after his 18th birthday and quickly fell in love with mixing drinks. He’s spent the past few years researching to craft his own special creations – including a gin and hibiscus sour, with a special ingredient: raw egg whites.

    “The egg has made it really white and foamy, and then for a garnish just to kind of showcase that tea we make, I’ll take a bit of the dried hibiscus petals and sprinkle it on the top,” Short explained.

    When customers sit at the bar, Short said he really gets to show off his art, and hopes they venture into the world of specialty cocktails.

    “I would say just to trust me, and if you don’t like it then it’s on the house,” Short said. “Try a drink with an egg in it. Try a drink with basil in it. Go for it and I’m sure you’ll like it. If not, then I’ll make you a rum and coke…but that probably won’t happen.”

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