Music to his ears: Fredericton man gets his guitar back

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Eric Holman lost everything in a fire that destroyed his apartment two months ago. At least, that’s what he thought, until recently.

Holman is one of more than a dozen residents who are still getting their lives back together following a fire that ripped through a downtown Fredericton neighbourhood on April 24, 2016.  The fire destroyed a three-storey home on Charlotte Street, along with Holman’s apartment on York Street.

Holman tells Global News he didn’t have insurance and was only able to save two bins of photos and his computer.

Then, nearly two months later, Holman received a phone call from a neighbour asking if he had a guitar.

Holman says the neighbour below him found his guitar. He got the instrument back on Tuesday and now has it with him in his new home on the north side of the city.

“The biggest thing was any sort of piece of my old life, in a sense,” he said.  “It’s something from before… I don’t have anything now. It’s you know, even a little piece like this is very, very sentimental.

“It’s a piece of my life,” Holman explained.

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“The mystery of it is we don’t know how it got from the third floor to the second floor and out of its case,” Holman said.

He says he saw the case lying on the ground during the fire but was unable to check if the guitar was inside because emergency crews were blocking the street.

Although Holman doesn’t currently play, he says he will be taking lessons this summer, once he gets the soot cleaned off the guitar and gets the strings fixed.

He also now his insurance on his new place and says it’s extremely important to take the time to set up a policy.

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