Nova Scotia food bank shortage: ‘we all need help at some point’

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People across the province are answering Feed Nova Scotia’s call for help during the lowest food supply levels the food bank has seen in years.

“We knew that we had to plea to Nova Scotia to please dig deep and give what they can and we’re seeing some people respond,” Feed Nova Scotia’s director of communications Karen Theriault said.

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  • Feed Nova Scotia food bank stocks ‘critically low,’ donations needed

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    The provincial food bank hub distributes supplies to 147 agencies across the province, from Yartmouth to Cape Breton and everywhere in between. Staff said it’s normal for donations to slow during the summer months, but food banks across the province are saying recent shipments aren’t enough.

    “They’re having to turn some people away without any assistance,” Theriault said.

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     Ever since they made their plea to the public, people have been stepping up to donate.

    “I was sitting with my grandchildren eating pancakes with fruit and whip cream over top and thinking, ‘how many other children have the luxury of this in the morning?’So we went and got a bunch of groceries and brought them down,” said Coline Damczyk, who came to the Feed Nova Scotia warehouse with her grandchildren.

    Theriault said it’s difficult to predict what’s causing the severe drop in food donations, but the rising cost of food may have something to do with it.

    “People are having a hard time themselves with just getting by day-to-day,” she said. “So it makes it a little more difficult when food is more expensive, when other living expenses are higher, to be able to make donations.”

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    It’s not just individual donations that are now trickling in: local businesses are also lending a helping hand.

    “You guys can bring in any two food items or more and we will give you tax free on anything that you buy,” said Stacey Cayea, the owner of Sugar Shok Treat Boutique in Dartmouth.

    Cayea said many people have brought nonperishable food items into her store out of the goodness of their hearts.

    “We all need help at some point. It doesn’t take much to find yourself on hard times, especially here in Nova Scotia,” Cayea said.

    “You support the food bank in hopes that they’ll still be there when you need help.”

    Visit the Feed NS website for more information on the critical food shortage or visit the Feed NS donation page.

    Watch below: Feed Nova Scotia is describing their level of food donations as “critical.” Global’s Rebecca Lau reports July 5, 2016.

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