Nova Scotia Olympians and Paralympians not fazed by Rio water woes

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Olympians and Paralympians from Nova Scotia say the polluted waters in Brazil in which they’ll be competing is an issue but not one they can’t handle.

“It’s definitely not the greatest, but we’re making do. It’s the same as for everyone, so it’s just another variable that we have to take into account,” said Danielle Boyd, who is part of a sailing crew competing next month.

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She said she and the rest of her team have already visited Rio de Janeiro and “experienced” the water.

Boyd, 26, and three sailors (plus two who couldn’t attend) were honoured at an event at the Royal Nova Scotia Yacht Squadron‘s clubhouse Thursday afternoon.

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Politicians from all three levels of government attended.

Paul Tingley, who has won gold and bronze medals in the Paralympics, was in Rio last week and said the sailing conditions were fine but athletes still need to be cautious.

“These things can make you sick, so you have to be careful and use common sense, but I don’t think it’s too big a distraction that it will take away from the great racing that’s ahead,” the 46-year-old said, noting “that the media has pretty much overplayed a lot of the concerns and fears.”

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The Olympic Games have, historically, been mired in controversy no matter the host.

“I do think that Rio does have an extra level of uncertainty, in a way,” Tingley said. “It’s kind of a lesser-developed nation compared to the last four places I’ve been to and, with the financial worries, maybe that’s a game changer.”

Those are issues athletes can’t control, he added, so they need to focus on what they: the sport.

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