Streets of Steinbach expected to fill with hundreds of pride parade supporters Saturday

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STEINBACH, MAN. —; From a march on the sidewalk to a full fledged parade through downtown, Steinbach is expected to welcome at least 1,000 supporters to its first ever pride parade.

A gay pride parade that was initially declined a permit for street access because RCMP told organizers it was due to safety concerns and construction on the route. June 29 it was approved after being pushed to re-assess. A new route but the same day, Saturday July 9 at 10:40am.

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Organizers said Saturday’s event will be a historical moment and looks like it’s attracting attention internationally.

“We know that there’s people coming from Vancouver. Some were planning family visits anyway and will be here. There’s people coming from Ontario. We know there’ll be people from Alberta. We know there’s people coming from Florida. I just heard there’s going to be someone from France coming.”

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau may not be able to attend but he has sent his support for Steinbach Pride and will have a personal message sent on his behalf.
Pop music sister duo Tegan and Sara have sent their support via twitter, and many others are speaking out about how they feel the parade should have been approved all along.

Winnipeg’s Club 200 and the University of Winnipeg’s Students Association have rented buses to take supporters there as well.

But, as organizers and supporters get ready to join an expected one-thousand participants on the streets of Steinbach, the city still remains divided.

Many residents said they will not participate, nor will they condemn them or judge them, but will rather pray for the people taking part in the pride parade. Others said they’re happy the parade is happening and they will even try and attend to show their support.

The city may be divided, but they are united in their hopes that all will remain peaceful at Saturday’s parade.

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