UPDATE: Concrete chunk falls from Halifax’s Highway 102 overpass

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UPDATED: July 8, 2016.

The provincial government says a Highway 102 overpass in Halifax is safe to use despite a chunk of concrete falling from of it.

“First and foremost, the bridge is safe for cars travelling onto the 102. However, a piece of concrete did fall from the bridge, which is a rare occurrence and one we take very seriously,” said Brian Taylor, communications adviser for the Department of Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal, in an email Friday.

A Halifax municipal road crew removed the shattered chunk on an Ashburn Avenue sidewalk and boulevard, which are directly under the overpass Thursday night.

One chunk was about the size of a shoebox; two others were about one-third the size. There were shattered bits spread several feet around, a few about the size of golf balls.

The area was bordered by yellow caution tape when the crew finished sweeping it up.

Directly above the area, there was what appeared to be a missing concrete layer of the overpass consistent in size with the chunks (there were no similar missing layers visible under the structure in proximity).

A municipal road crew member removes two of the chunks.

Steve Silva / Global News

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The chunks also had a line of teal-like paint on them consistent with what would be expected on the missing layer.

“[Crews] are currently inspecting the rest of the structure.‎ If any other issues are identified, they will be addressed immediately,” Taylor added.

This section of Ashburn Avenue (under Highway 102) was taped off at about 9:30 p.m. Thursday night.

Steve Silva / Global News

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